A backpackers guide to Fraser Island 

Are you thinking of visiting Fraser Island? Trying to decide between tours? Take a look at my review of Dingos 4×4 Island Tour…

Day 1
After a long (approximately 2 hours!) safety briefing the day before, the morning came and I was up, packed and ready by 7am for the free vegan pancakes at the hostel (Dingos hostel) before setting of for Dingos 4×4 tour of Fraser Island!

As I was the only driver in the car that had ever driven on the left hand side of the road I was up first, so we drove on the main roads in a 4 car convoy to the car ferry.

After a short ferry crossing we arrived at our first stop of the tour: lake Garawongera! A beautiful clear blue lake where the water is as warm as a bath.

We then switched drivers and headed for the famous ship wreck , just as the sun was setting before heading to our camp for the evening.

If you are expecting me to say was a pleasant surprise the camp was…well it wasn’t. Although it was very basic sleeping quarters (a two man tent) it did have running water ($2 for a two minute shower) and flushing toilets. We cooked dinner, enjoyed a few drinks socialising with everyone before sloping off to bed.

Day 2

After a quick spot of breakfast, it was time to get on the road again! Our first stop of the day was a small hill inlet for us to climb to take some beautiful pictures of the views…

We then headed on to the champagne pools, where we all enjoyed cooling off (although I wasn’t that blown away by these, it was pretty dangerous and I wouldn’t recommend going unless you find yourself with lots of spare time)

Our final stop of the day was Eli Creek (affectionately coined the lazy river), where we floated down the river on rubber rings which was a really awesome experience, before relaxing on the sand. Afterwards we returned to camp to cook dinner and make the most of the party tent.

Day 3 

After loading the trucks up, we headed for lake Mckenzie where we spent most of the morning taking pictures in the crystal clear blue lake and sunbathing on the white sand (heaven!)

We then headed back to the ferry and back to rainbow beach (Dingos hostel) where we had to sadly say goodbye to the awesome 4×4, but I was excited for a proper bed and to have a well needed hot shower!

Review of Dingos Fraser Island Tour: 

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Fraser Island, however I feel that the places on Fraser could easily be visited in a day or two. I should also mention that whilst the tour ran smoothly, our guide could be quite rude at times. I would recommend hiring a 4×4 yourself and exploring.  

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