Discovering hidden Noosa 

Top things to do in Noosa 

– Sunbathing on the main beach 

– Check out the quieter sunshine beach 

– Visit the Everglades via canoe

– Eat a Betty’s burger 

My adventure in Noosa 

Day 1 

I arrived around midday and checked into a hostel called Flashpackers, a little outside the centre of Noosa (they do offer free shuttles to and from the town daily), dropped my bags and headed straight for rainbow beach (15 minute walk from the hostel) where I paddled in the sea and enjoyed the glorious sunshine. 

Day 2 

Another day spent relaxing at the beach (you know I just don’t get bored of relaxing on a beach all day?! Hmm funny that), but to mix it up a little this time I went to the main beach in Noosa, off Hastings Street, before having an early night relaxing in the hostels air conditioned rooms (honestly it was heaven!) 

Day 3

I broke my sunglasses first thing (sad face) so I headed for Noosa Civic on the bus to go to the local Specsavers to get my sunglasses fixed (yes, it was a massive pain and detour – unless you want to go clothes shopping, I wouldn’t recommend a visit). 

The afternoon came and the sun began to peak out from behind the clouds, so I began the (highly recommended) coastal walk starting at rainbow beach, through secret beaches, fairy rock pools and rainforest to end up at the main beach. It’s a beautiful walk, although beware there is little shade so make sure you take plenty of suncream and water with you! If you keep your eyes peeled you should also see wild koalas and dolphins along the 3 hour walk…oh did I not mention it was 3 hours? Oops, well it’s certainly not for the faint hearted! 

Day 4

Myself and a few other travelers were eagerly waiting outside the hostel at 9am for our pick up to take us on the Everglades tour we had booked onto (I booked the bar-b-canoe tour through the Discovery Company) which included a boat tour through the everglades, a self guided canoe ride and a steak lunch (I know it sold it for me too…)

After a hour or so on a boat through the everglades, we stopped for morning tea before hopping in a two-man canoe and paddling down the river. An absolutely knackering 50 minutes (and several dodgy capsizing moments later) we hauled our unfit bodies to the finish line (I’m afraid I won’t be blessing you with any pictures, as these are strictly going to be kept for personal pleasure viewings only, trust me if you saw them you’d understand why)

Although after all that we certainly earned our delicious lunch meal of greens, potato salad and bbq steak. Afterwards we took the boat back through the everglades to our original starting point (I can’t lie to you…I may have dozed off for a few minutes on the boat ride back) where a shuttle bus was waiting to take us back to our hostel. All in all I had a unique and unforgettable day, if you are in Noosa this a must-do! 

After a quick shower, we caught one of the free shuttles to the Main Street (Hastings) to try their famous Betty’s burger (incredible!) and milkshake (heavenly *I’m honestly not ashamed to say I’m still having dreams about it now), before getting the shuttle back to the hostel and passing out in a food coma. 

the morning came and once again I was standing outside a bus stop waiting for the greyhound bus to take me to my next destination: Fraser Island!

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