Backpacking in Brisbane 

Top things to do:

– Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary 

– Australia Zoo 

– Mooch around the markets at South Bank 

– Do some serious shopping in the city centre 

– Find the Brisbane sign 

My adventure in Brisbane 

Day 1 

A very hungover bus ride later, thank god the bus driver stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast (for which I will be forever eternally grateful!), I arrived at the Brisbane transport centre and headed for my hostel , the YHA (why yes, that is the roof top pool area of the YHA, I’m glad you asked) 

After dropping off my giant backpack I turned straight back around and headed out for The Lone Koala Pine Sanctuary for an afternoon of fun with some furry friends. 

After walking around the sanctuary for a while, we arrived at the koala cuddling section (EEK!) only to be told there were no more slots available today to hold a koala, only to have a photo with a park range holding it (bummer!) – so if you want to hold a koala then make sure you pre-book your slot to avoid disappointment. 

However, all was not lost as I still got to make friends (well ish) with some kangaroos and other wildlife! 

Day 2 

The next morning was spent wandering round Fortitude Valley, eating hot dogs and watching the world go by. A quick train ride to South Bank and I was on the doorstep of the museum of modern art (free entry for all).

 After easily spending a couple of hours in the museum (and indoor adult slide!!!) I decided to head to the south bank markets to see what treasures I could find. After rummaging my way through trinkets and clothes I walked 10 minutes further down the bank, passed the glorious man-made beach, to reach the infamous Brisbane sign. 

By that time my stomach was rumbling so it was time to find some lunch, after a bit of googling I found a place called San Churros, where myself and a friend ordered Churros, fruit, dipping sauce, chocolate cake and smoothies! (It’s safe to say our stomachs are bigger than our eyes), afterwards we rolled back to hostel by taking the free sea cat ferry to get us back to the other side of the bank, where I crawled into bed.

Check out that for a sunset! A perfect way to end my time in Brisbane…

…the morning came and it was time to say to goodbye to Brisbane and move further up the coast to Noosa! 

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