Byron Bay on a backpacker budget

Top things to do in Byron Bay: 

– The lighthouse walk

– Hire a bike

– Take a day trip to Nimbin

– Relax on the gorgeous white sandy beaches

– Dance on the tables at Cheeky Monkeys
My adventure in Byron Bay

Day 1 

So after a very long 14 hour overnight bus from Sydney to Byron bay, I finally arrived in this sleepy town. After checking in, I headed straight for the beach before meeting some new room mates and cooking dinner.

Day 2

My day was spent relaxing on the beautiful beach, seeing as it was only a 5 minute walk to the main beach…it would be rude not too! Afterwards I took a stroll up the famous Lighthouse and did the beautiful walk up to the top making it just in time for sunset (make sure you keep your eyes peeled I saw lots of wild wallabies on the path up!)

In the evening, we tried a place called Thai Lucy’s for dinner, which was beautiful food! Highly recommend! We were even given little pots to taken our leftovers home in, just remember to bring your own booze as they don’t serve alcohol on the premises.

Day 3

I decided I wanted to hire a bike for half a day to really explore Byron, it was $15 for half a day and $20 for a full days hire (at Byron bay surf and bike hire, the guy who served me was lovely so I would definitely recommend using this place).

After studying the map he gave me I decided that it was too hot to bike far, so I stayed in the centre if Byron and cycled down to Tallows Beach which was THE most beautiful beach in Byron and was practically deserted! Then a quick pit stop for a fruit smoothie (at the frozen yoghurt and juice bar) before giving my beautiful pink bike back.

After reheating the delicious leftovers from the night before, a group of us decided to try out the local nightlife. I personally didn’t think much of Woody’s bar, as it was playing live soft rock music (not really my thing). So after a few drinks we made a swift exit to Cheeky Monkeys (another local backpacker bar) where we thoroughly enjoyed the old school r’n’b (tip: it is the hottest club over ever been too…take perfume and wear your hair up girls!!), dancing on tables till the very early hours..

…3 hours later I was up and on the bus ready for my next adventure in Brisbane…

*Tip: I wouldn’t recommend booking ANYTHING through Peterpans travel agents, especially the ones in Byron bay – trust me when I say the are incapable…go elsewhere!

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