I woke to the lovely smell of breakfast at the Maori village, hot toast, fresh fruit, cereal and muesli. After eating my body weight in toast and jam, we set off to Taupo where we stopped at Te Puia, to see the hot geysers in action! We were even lucky enough to eat hard boiled eggs, cooked in the traditional woven basket by the geyser. 

Huka waterfalls 
Our next stop was Huka waterfalls, where every man and his selfie stick wanted a picture. It was a short but beautiful stop, if you where there for longer I would definitely recommend taking a picnic to eat by the waterfalls. Then on to the centre of Taupo, where we went to supermarket to stock up on food ready for the Tarongio Crossing tomorrow, before having an early night. 


 At 5:30am we were all gathered round the phone in our room to hear the news that unfortunately the hike was cancelled due to bad weather, however we decided not to waste out pack-up so we took a taxi ($30) each way to climb Mount Tauhara, which took 2 hours to get to the summit 1,500 metres.

The six of us sat and ate our lunch on top of the mountain and took in the breathtaking views, before coming back down and treating ourselves to an ice cold fanta and a mcflurry, went back and showered.

 The evening was filled with a quiz in the base hostel club called ‘elements’, where we won a $75 dollar bar tab! Well as you can imagine I’m sure, the quiet night we planned turned into a rather late evening, I won’t go into details but it’s safe to say I was VERY hungover the next day…

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