Whether you are a LOTR fan or not, this place is a must-see if you are visiting New Zealand, we arrived around mid morning and easily spent three hours on the set. 

We got to wander around with our tour guide taking pictures outside all of the hobbit holes (including Bag End!!) and even had a free pint of cider in the Green Dragon before heading back onto the bus. 

The Tamaki Maori Village 

Later that afternoon we arrived at the Tamaki Maori Village and after a small welcome ceremony to bless us onto their ground we were whisked away for afternoon tea. If you haven’t already, you must try the deep fried scones in New Zealand – they are mouth-wateringly good. Just tear them open fill with cream and top with golden syrup…*dribble* there aren’t enough words to describe these slices of heaven, just try one! 

After choosing a bed in our dorm of twenty (not as cramped at you might think, the bed was so comfy!), we went off to learn a traditional Maori song and stick game. 

Then a quick change and off to the evening ceremony, where the chiefs and tribes are welcomed onto the land, before we get the opportunity to walk around the village asking questions about their culture. 

9pm signalled the time for a beautiful two course meal (all you can eat!!), with slowed cooked meat, glazed vegetables  followed by cakes and pavlova!

Perhaps one of my favourite evenings, as we did yet another quick change and slipped into one of the three hot tubs, to drink wine and toast to new friends under the stars…

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