River Valley


After crawling into bed in the early hours last night, it’s safe to say I wasn’t feeling too peachy for the bus ride at 9am the next day, but I pressed on. A few hours into the journey we stopped to walk the Taranki Falls track, where we sat and ate our lunch infront of the beautiful waterfalls.

Late afternoon, we arrived at The River Valley Lodge, which has been my favourite accommodation so far – a true retreat. With no mobile phone reception or wifi it was incredible to be sleeping inside a valley, with the river flowing past.

I stayed in a dorm room of 16 beds, where (as you can see in the picture) you are pretty much sleeping next to one another.

 However, as we weren’t a full bus, a couple of us were lucky enough to get two beds to ourselves – so I had the best nights sleep starfishing away in a double bed. In the evening we were treated to an incredible roast dinner meal (yes, there were Yorkshire puddings and gravy! It was all very exciting). 

Afterwards we played a few board games, drinking games and embarrassed ourselves singing cheesy songs to the acoustic guitar.


While some of the bus paid to do activities at river valley in the morning, I decided I’d have a well earned lay-in (well till 9:30am anyway!) then I went walking in the valley to find a secret waterfall, it was only an hours walk and was an easy track for all fitness levels. 

Back on the bus, heading for the capital city of New Zealand: Wellington

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