Before hitting the road to Queenstown we decided to spend an hour in puzzling world, running around a giant outdoor maze was so much fun (so if you have a spare hour to fill and want to relive your childhood I would thoroughly recommend it!)

After hearing so may great things about Queenstown I was super excited to spend two nights there, and let me tell you it did not disappoint!We arrived and I instantly went exploring around the town, habour and out to the Queenstown gardens (I would recommend hiring frisbee golf to play in the park on a sunny afternoon!) 

I grabbed a fudge cookie and salted caramel milkshake from the cookie time shop (you must do this – they are AMAZBALLS!) – yes that is chocolate round the rim, a flake and a cookie in the drink! 

Then I walked around the gardens with my milkshake (probably not the best idea on a cold day…) 

After a warm shower we hit the town on the kiwi bar crawl, which took the hassle out of planning a night out. 


After getting in at some ungodly hour, a group of us decided to go up the gondola to see the views over Queenstown (despite the cloud), then racing down on the Skyline luge track (Buy more than one go – trust me it’s super fun!) 

Okay, so you can’t visit Queenstown and not try a Fergburger, the store is in the centre of town and you will never find it without a queue , so expect to wait 30-45minutes for your food – trust me it’s worth it! (Beprepared to take your Fergburger away with you as there is hardly any seating) 

After stuffing ourselves to the point of undoing our belts (yes really!) we had a quick power nap before heading out for a few drinks in a lovely bar before heading to a bar called Cowboys! (Where, rest assured, we were significantly less classy!!) 

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