Lake Tekapo

After a very sad goodbye, I left the group in Queenstown and headed for Lake Tekapo. I have to be honest I slept most of the journey! I woke up at Lake Pukaki and I thought I was still dreaming, it is honestly one of the brightest and bluest lakes I’ve ever seen.

Another nap later and we had arrived at the Church of the Good Sheperd for another gorgeous photo opportunity! 

After checking-in at the Lake Front Lodge, I headed straight for the Tekapo Springs for some relaxing me time. It has lots of different outdoor pools depending on the heat you like, as well as a child’s playground area, steamroom and sauna. 

11pm and five layers later, I was ready for my stargazing adventure with Earth and Sky Tours. With a 95% clear sky we had an amazing view of the stars and sky, it was an incredible experience and possibly one of the highlights of my entire New Zealand trip!

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