Things to do in Christchurch 


We arrived in Christchurch just after lunch at All Stars Inn and I went straight out to explore the town. I strolled down to the pop-up restart mall , where I treated myself to a delicious hot chocolate.

Christchurch is full of beautiful artwork and graffiti, all you have to do is walk around the city centre and you’ll see plenty of colourful pieces.

The bridge for rememberance is a lovely photo opportunity, make sure you look up close at the wording on the bridge as it names all of the wars New Zealand has taken part in.

You can also visit the cardboard church and the 185 empty white chairs earthquake memorial, you can walk through the chairs and even sit on one that calls to you. 

I spent the evenings in my hostel, so I can’t comment in the nightlife in Christchurch, however I did hear of a few people going to the Irish pub call The Bog.

Have you visited Christchurch? Let me know what you got up too…

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