Mini review of Philippine Airlines

So I thought I would write a mini review on Philippine airlines for anyone that’s interested, (there are a couple of things you may want to know if you are thinking about flying with them, as I had no idea!):

  • There is NO inflight entertainment…that’s right people no TVs!!! (There were approx. 5 TVs on the plane that showed the planes journey, but they didn’t play films etc), I mean I’m no addict, but what else are you meant to do on a 12 hour flight other than binge watch entire seasons of Big Bang and watch rubbish films that you would never normally pay to see?!
  • After 2 hours of being on the plane they FINALLY offered us food and drink…by that time it was midnight and I was ravenous! (Luckily I stocked up at the WHS smiths with cough*pre-flight essentials*cough…a packet of starburst, fruit pastels, chocolate buttons and some soft mints)
  • Okay…this is technically not a criticism as I’m sure most airlines do this but nonetheless is it really necessary to make the cattle class passengers walk through the first class area before take your tiny seat with no leg room at the back of the plane?!
  • Nice main meal food – see the menu of one of the flights I went on below:

  • Of course all food and drink is free (something I struggled not to take advantage of being British!), however there wasn’t a massive selection of drink or snacks to choose from – tea, coffee, orange and apple juice, lemonade, coke and water, meanwhile snacks were few and far between, the odd packet of nuts and oat cookies did the rounds, but nothing else.
  • They do provide free blankets and pillows (FYI pillows are reused but the blankets are freshly cleaned in a sealed packet)

So there you have it, the airline isn’t exactly what you call luxury but for the cheap price tag I wasn’t surprised. If you are on a tight budget and can cope with basic amenities then this is a great airline to fly with, however if you are after a more luxurious flight experience then I would look elsewhere…

3 thoughts on “Mini review of Philippine Airlines

  1. That must have been really disappointing because according to their website, which is clearly a work of fiction, each seat is outfitted with personal TV, 9-inch seat back-mounted monitors. How boring your flights must have been 😦 I think that they should be honest about using a plane from the 1970’s for some flights if that’s what they do.


    1. I couldn’t agree more! They should make this information clearer on their website, as its quite misleading. Fortunately I had my kindle fully charged and ready to go, otherwise it would have been a nightmare!


  2. Watcha Megan. Got to your blog eventually. Like your style. This is just a reminder that when you land in Sydney, please get in touch – Whatsapp or whichever way suits you best. We ought to be able to work out a meeting. We can do Mudgee to Sydney and back in a day. Take care. Really hope to see you.


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