Pre-travel nerves

So, it’s the first blog post and where to start?

After quitting my marketing job, panic buying bikinis in bulk and even purchasing a new backpack (oooh), I finally felt ready-ish for a solo trip around the world!

Sitting here the night before my one-way solo flight to New Zealand and you start to think about all the things you’re going to miss – family, friends, dogs, free washing and ironing, a family that buys and cooks you dinner (yes even packed lunches!) and then you go ‘is this whole travel thing really a sensible idea? Will I really survive?’

Well theres one way to find out I suppose…

to be continued...

4 thoughts on “Pre-travel nerves

  1. good luck – we were all there at one point – Let me say from nearly 6 years of traveling – quitting my marketing (well sales) job buying a backpack and leaving for Aus was the best thing I ever did – even if 5 and a half years later I had to come home.


      1. It has been a incredible ride so far ..I took a break out but I’m planning on going again haha …I guess that has become the norm for me …I hope you have an amazing time of your adventure too

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